Chakra Balancing Sound Bath

Sun April, 11

Chakra Balancing Sound Bath

Join Dr. Cija Ebeling at Hot Yoga at Indigo for a Chakra Balancing Sound Bath, with E2MindPower.

Put on those comfies and welcome balance into your life!

•The chakras are centers of energy located all over the body. All of our feelings and senses are integrated with a different chakra.

•Prepare to be guided into relaxation and enjoy the healing sounds that your body craves for healing to help to open and balance the chakras

•Sounds you'll hear will include Tibetan and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Zaphir Chimes, Rainstick, Tingsha Cymbals and a Gong that will take you out of this world!

•Leave feeling open, grounded, and balanced!


✨We look forward to you joining us in giving the the gift of relaxation to your mind and body.

Space is Limited —>

•$30 Now - April 4th

•$35 April 5th - April 11th

*No refund will be available after 24 hours before event is schedule to begin

Required —>

•Yoga Mat (Rentals Available $2)

Suggested —>

•Comfortable Clothes



Dr. Ebeling is also well known for her Past Life Regression Group Events! If this is something that is of interest to you, you can find out more on her website, You can also find her business cards or postcards in the lobby of Hot Yoga at Indigo, or stop in and see her in the afternoons at her office in the Back to Eden Apothecary and Spa!

715 Dale St. Fountain, CO 80817


Journey into Past Lives

Sun April 21st @10 AM

Get ready for an exciting journey into past lives


If you’ve ever been curious about past life regression and want to experience what it is like to venture into your own akashic memory, you won’t want to miss this event with Dr. Cija Ebeling, Ph.D., of E2MindPower.


•Begin with the explanation of regression through hypnosis, and what to expect. (This will be a general regression session and individual results will vary based on your own akashic memory.)


•This session will not induce trance type states, but one of pure relaxation reaching the alpha and theta brain wave states.


•You will be fully aware of your surroundings at all times.


•It will feel similar to a day dream.


•There will be a time of reflection and sharing following the session to hear experiences in the group, should you wish to share.


*Please RSVP as Space is Limited


*This event will be Non-Refundable after 24 hours before it is scheduled to begin.