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Rosalind McCart & Rhiannon Wild

Have been lifelong friends. Both Natives to Fountain, Colorado. They met at just 17 years old when they started working together in the restaurant industry. They have seen each other grow and become the women that they are today. Together they found incredible healing in massage and yoga, and found themselves on the mat through lives highs and lows. They took their teacher training together, and from those experiences the dream of opening a yoga studio for their hometown blossomed. As mothers to small children, they envisioned a sanctuary for families to find their community.  They wanted a common ground of self healing for those looking for a sangha or family as well. They know the importance of finding your village of people, especially for our military families. 

Hot Yoga at Indigo is unique because most of our teachers have trained together. They come from all walks of life, and have molded the shape of this studio with our passions and experiences.  Indigo's teachers have spent a lot of time together, and have created a bond of community that they all want to expand to the city of Fountain and beyond. Know that when you walk in our doors, you are apart of something bigger and ever evolving. 

Namaste and Welcome home.